Sleep Talk For Children

The impact of experiences upon a child can lead to challenges that may impair their ability to function effectively in their world. Sleep Talk is an effective process that is both simplistic in content and delivery that allows parents to assist their children to reach their potential.

It is not about curing conditions but is about making the most of what is and it only takes a few moments each day.

The benefits for your children is the increased awareness and belief of being loved that leads to greater self esteem, a more positive attitude, and a sense of empowerment of being able to do things better.

Importantly a closer relationship develops between the children and their parents. Improved health and behaviour may also result in the family unit becoming more harmonious as relationships become more loving and communication becomes more open.

Parents whose children have less concerns are able to be more productive and effective at work, therefore the stress in the work place can be reduced when the family situation is improved.

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